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Our Custom Archival Art Printing. What's the difference?

Experienced dealers and collectors agree that it is always advisable to produce the best quality fine art prints that one can afford. The following standards relate to the very basic concepts of art dealing and the art market.

• SFA Fine Art Services' Custom Archival Fine Art Printing conforms to archival standards consistent with collectible fine art.
• All of SFA's work is overseen by a master artisan-printmaker.
SFA Custom Archival Fine Art Prints are produced by following the age-old European tradition of producing fine art prints one at a time, combining state of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship.
• All materials & substrates used in SFA's Custom Archival Fine Art Printing process are of archival quality and produced by reputable manufacturers. We helped develop many of the products now on the market.
• The SFA Fine Art Services and Heritage Giclee logos represent the highest standards of connoisseurship, ongoing research and ethical practice in the digital printmaking profession. Professionally made prints, after all, are not just works of art, sometimes they are great works of art.
• SFA Custom Archival Fine Art Printing uses a proprietary color management system developed exclusively by SFA.
• SFA was the first digital atalier in the nation to produce all prints exclusively using “pigment” based archival inks.
• In order to continually advance the fine art printing industry, SFA Fine Art Services maintains an ongoing working relationship with suppliers and manufacturers of archival art materials, software & equipment manufacturers. Over the years we have served as a “beta test” site for the development of many new products.
Our original Heritage Giclees have been recognized around the world for their peerless quality and beauty. In business since 1996, Staples Fine Art has developed a reputation for integrity & honesty in the industry & now serves artists, galleries, publishers & photographers in every U.S state and in 15 countries. Heritage Giclee® is a registered trademark of Staples Fine Art, Inc..

Pricing and Options Schedule for Custom Archival Art Printing

SFA is the best choice to produce your next print edition.

Master Printmaker and artist Mark Staples
has been at the forefront of the digital printmaking revolution since the mid-1990's
and is recognized in the book "Mastering Digital Printing" to be among the industry's founding fathers. Over the years he has worked with materials and software manufacturers such as Clearstar Coatings, Scanvec-Amiable, and Tara Canvas to develop products which have become the tools of giclee digital printmakers around the world.

The Latest Development... After years of experimentation and under Mark's direction, our team has engineered a proprietary new art printmaking process that produces results far superior to conventional giclee. (the word "giclee" has been so overused that among many gallery owners giclee has now become synonymous with low-quality) Wishing to avoid marketing buzzwords like giclee, we refer to our new process simply as "Custom Archival Art Printing". SFA Custom Archival Art Printing™ produces brighter color, truer texture, deeper perspective and more drama than all other fine art printing processes. Over the next year, we will be transitioning all of our giclee customers to this new advanced process. Melding an innate understanding of fine art, decades of digital imaging experience, and our expertise in archival processes, with SFA Custom Archival Art Printing™ enables us to exceed museum quality standards for all of the artwork we produce. Our mission is to continually endeavor to set new standards for the fine art industry.

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"All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, 
are instances of the resistless force of perseverance"....Samuel Johnson
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